Work Portfolio and Projects




South Central Pool
Swimming Pool Products Distributor

Developed a Distribution Center Layout models to be used as the footprint for other Distribution centers and Branch Warehouses as they come online.

Procured bar-code scanning devices and labeling software. Worked with the Prelude ADS software solution and installed Access Points in multiple warehouses along with RF scanning devices. 

Implemented warehouse organization improvements and installed bin matrices. Trained users in the use of the system.

Marks & Company Ltd
Plumbing Products Distributor

Delivered Observations, Conclusions, and Recommendations relating to a Distribution Center building add-on.
Implemented and trained in the Eclipse RF Bar-Code technology solution.

Educational Testing Manuals Distributor

Developed a Space Optimization and Process Action Plan allowing an Iowa company to remain in their current facility while reducing staff levels and making a threefold increase in production and storage. Savings in the area of $800,000.​

Republic Electric Supply
Electrical Products Distributor

Provided technical training in the SHIMS software system to the I/T manager. 

Delivered warehouse space utilization and best practices observations, conclusions, and recommendations.

Roberts Supply
Outdoor Grounds Maintenance Products Distributor

New Warehouse Layout and Space Optimization design. Enabled them to gain 50% more storage capacity without a move to a new location. 

Thousands of dollars savings in financial outlay, time, and labor. At least a 40% gain in productivity. 

Installed the Prelude ADS WMS ERP Software System.

F&M Mafco
Industrial Equipment Distributor and Rentals

Developed a comprehensive report of warehousespace usage and bar-code technology. 

Delivered observations, conclusions, and recommendations Acted as interim Information Systems manager for three months. Prelude Software System.

Fasteners Inc
Fastener Products and Equipment Rental and Distributor

Prelude ERP Software Implementation. Developed the implementation plan, the database conversion, and executed the go-live to the Prelude ADS software solution.

RF Bar-Code Implementation. Developed bin locator system, prepared human resource and facility for bar-code technology Installed Access Points and RF Scanning devices as well as labeling systems. 

Acted as the interim Information Systems manager.

Once Upon a Child
Clothing Retail Store

Commissioned to develop a Physical Inventory Automated Method using bar-code technology for an Illinois retail store chain saving $11,000 per year.

Industrial Tooling, Equipment, and Tool Management Systems

Evaluate and make corrective recommendations regarding issues with RF hardware. 

Reviewed current inventory control processes and recommended improvements. Training in the use of bar-code technology including labeling, Distribution One software, and bin management. 

Recommended staffing allocation best practices. Discussed overtime hours reductions and recommend course of action.

Recommended improvements to the warehouse layout allowing for a substantial improvement in space.


Adel Wholesalers
HVAC and Plumbing Product Distributor

Software Selection resulting in product demonstrations and selection of Prophet21. 

Managed the implementation of the Prophet 21 software solution.

Training and Education

work portfolio

Branch Manager Training Schools

Authored and delivered Branch Manager training schools for distributor associations and businesses. Subject Matter; time management, financial, inventory control, sales and marketing, safety, human resource management.

The American Supply Association - ASA

Conducted Branch Manger Training classes focused on the key elements impacting effective and profitable operations. Inventory, Financials, Human Resources, Technology, and Time Management were focal points. At their conference.

Johnstone Supply Corporation

Store Managers Training Class conducted at their conference. Focused on the key elements impacting effective and profitable operations. Inventory, Financials, Human Resources, Technology, and Time Management. Conducted a Bar-Code technology workshop at the same conference.

AssetWorks: Asset World AiM Conference

Presentations - on QR and RFID technologies, asset database structures, and inventory control.

Each year determined a different focus. Provided a case study in the Preparation, Space Allocation, Asset Organization of an Oil and Gas Industry Business Facility,

For the case study, developed the Assets and Parts database, various forms of labels, and the use of iPhone, iPad, and RFID software/hardware technology to read QR and RFID codes and deliver the information to the software platform.


Presentations - BarCode technologies, asset database structures, and inventory control. Our Work Portfolio and Projects.


Facilities Management


Jones Lang LaSalle

Developed a method to manage office asset moves by using mobile bar-code scanning and labeling. On site during deployment and also trained JLL staff in the use of the scanners, labels, and printer.

State of New York

Evaluated the need and trained in bar-coding, Inventory Control and Storeroom Organization Techniques allowing full visibility of all inventory at 13 state buildings. Developed their database and delivered to AiM software system.

Oregon State University Housing and Dining

Warehouse Space Utilization Observations, Conclusions, and Recommendations. Setup facility for Bar-Code technology. Implemented bar-code technology and training.
Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo University
Evaluation and Recommendations regarding Warehouse Space Usage and Layout, Recommendations of Bar-Code Technology Setup, Recommendations of Standard Operating Procedures for Asset Management. 

Developed and Delivered Observations, Conclusions, and Recommendations Report.

Oregon State University Facilities Support

Warehouse Move, Evaluated Facilities Support and Maintenance warehouse. Determined inventory mix, volume, and activity. Documented Observations, Conclusions, and Recommendations.

Reviewed five other potential warehouse buildings on campus.Selected a facility 1/2 the size of the original warehouse. Developed a move plan including bin locations in the new facility.
Managed the move from one building to the other. Designed a bin locator system and deployed the bin environment. 

Developed Standard Operating Procedures for Process and Inventory Control.


University of Alaska Fairbanks

Facility Management Warehouse Operations Evaluation and Recommendations, with a focus on warehouse space optimization, inventory control, the AiM software platform, 
bar-code technology, and business process flow.

Montana State University

Evaluated facility services warehouse and designed a revised layout gaining a 50% increase in space. Advised as to the move methods and storage media. Made recommendations on product storage techniques. 

Trained in the use of Bin Location Codes. Reviewed other campus warehouses and recommended the most effective use. Trained in inventory control best practices using the AiM software platform.

The University of Washington Facilities Support

Provided Training in Inventory  Control and Warehouse Space Utilization Best Practices enabling them to have full visibility of their inventory asset throughout the campus including service vehicles.

Ramblewood Apartment Complex

Organized Apartment Complex facility maintenance warehouse. Implemented barcode technology and product locator system. Implemented inventory control​ module in their software. Trained Staff.

State of Delaware Facility Services

Implemented Tool Management using iPhone and iPad and traditional scanning devices.

 Integrated and worked with AiM support services. consulting