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Distributors, Government, and Universities


"Hey Dan, I just wanted to bring you up-to-date with the end results of your recommendations in the warehouse. We have eliminated a huge amount of waste and inefficiencies. We have vastly improved the organization of our inventory both in parts and whole-goods. I would estimate that we have improved floor space by at least 50%. This is to say we have opened up the entire warehouse for any future opportunities. We have had numerous compliments from our vendors and other distributors who have visited us over the course of the last several months. Thanks for coming to our rescue."
                  ~ Sales and Operations Manager, Roberts Supply, Winter Park, Florida.

"Dan, our experience with your company and the tethered scanners has been great. Just wish we had the insight to install them many years ago, as they are a time saver. With your help in getting the scanners installed, this undertaking has been about the easiest thing we've ever done."
                  ~ Information Technology Manager, AMSCO Supply, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"Dan, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how grateful we are for all of the assistance you and Beltech Group provided during the conversion from our legacy system to Prophet 21 Commerce Center. We realize that most conversions probably involve you more than we did, but you still serviced us as though we were your top customer."
                 ~ Director Marketing, Wensco Sign Supply, Walker, Michigan.

"We were able to increase our warehouse storage capabilities by 50% without any additional investment in buildings or racking."
                 ~ President, Roberts Supply, Winter Park Florida.

“We have had a very good experience with Beltech’s Store Manager training seminar, which was developed for the ARWI.  The materials were timely, professionally presented and well received by the store managers and owners in attendance.”
                 ~ President, ARWI, Chicago, Illinois.

“Beltech’s ability to integrate distribution systems and state of the art technology has enabled our company to achieve higher quality and efficiency levels.  Their value added expertise was clearly evident which contributed to a timely and extremely successful project."  
                ~ Vice President Operations, Techni-Tool, Worcester, PA.

"Dan Belanger and the Beltech Group, were instrumental in assisting us in our recently completed software conversion to the Prophet 21 Commerce Center Wholesale Distribution Software System."
                ~ CFO/Treasurer, Adel Wholesalers, Bettendorf, IA.

"Dan, the inventory accuracy has gone from low 80’s to slightly over 96% and is climbing with each cycle. The in-house order tracking ability has made our Inventory Control lives easier than we could have imagined.  Plus the amount of shipping errors has dropped off considerably from our pre-WMS days." 
                ~ Inventory Control Manager, Techni-Tool, Worcester, PA.

"Developing scalable approaches to both bar-code technology or warehouse designs for our 100+ locations, Beltech ultimately helped bridge the gap between the theoretical software world and actual wholesale  distribution." 
                ~ Corporate Projects Manager, SCP Distributors, Covington, LA.

"Royal Distributors, Michigan's premier distributor of Dollar Store products, recognized the need for improvement in warehousing operations and operating costs. Dan Belanger's expertise in warehouse layout and space utilization, inventory control and management, and barcode technologies, enabled us to enjoy a significant return on our investment.  In addition, Dan's approach to training and education really made the difference with our management and staff." 
                ~ President, Dollar Castle, Royal Distributors, Michigan Wholesale Mart, Southfield MI.

“You will be very pleasantly surprised when you begin working with Dan, that his priority is finding you the best options for your business, not just the ones that are most profitable for him. I am truly fortunate to have come across someone like Dan to support our business in providing the knowledge and Technology needed to grow our business. I have had the opportunity to get to know Dan as not just a businessman, but as a friend and mentor. Consider yourself Lucky if you cross his path in your business dealings. I highly recommend both Dan and Beltech." 
                 ~ President, Freedom Internet Marketing Solutions, Owner, Las Vegas, NV.

“Dan has been much more than a consultant to my start-up courier and warehousing venture. His insight in those key areas has proven invaluable as he has helped me to navigate some critical decisions. I would recommend Dan in any capacity to any business requiring guidance and solutions in his many areas of logistics implementation and expertise.”
                ~ President, Accelerated Delivery, Logistics, 3PL, Delivery Service, Las Vegas, NV.

"Dan, I have begun inputting bar-codes into the software via the laptop, and will now begin using the mobile scanner. Thanks again for helping me get the system up and running!" 
                ~ Director of Lighting, Cirque du Soleil-KOOZA, Las Vegas, NV.

"Dan, thank you for all of your help, your quick responses and interest in our success  have helped us immensely in our business."
         ~ Marketing Director, Project Manager, Horn Companies/Target Oilfield Services, Shreveport, LA..

​"Dan, thank you for the wrap up e-mail and the follow up regarding the mobile bins. We have been busy with spring break and the busy work schedule that goes with it. It looks like we will have the new shelving ordered within a couple days and that will really get the ball rolling for us. Thanks again for your time and expertise.  Always great to get a professional set of eyes on the project."
                ~ Facilities Manager, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT.

"Thanks Dan, looks good. I think we’re in good position for the Go-Live come July/2014. I’ll let you know if we need any help or have any questions. I would say that you and Ron put us in a good position for success with the inventory management."
                ~ Facilities Manager, State of Delaware, DHSS/DMS.

Branch Manager Training Schools - Class Attendee Comments

​“Great day and Great Instructors”
               ~Current Branch Manager near Dallas, Texas.

“Very informative.  The instructors were well informed. Very enjoyable class, one of the best that I’ve attended”
                ~Current Branch Manager near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“You provide a very necessary service to our industry.”
                ~Current Branch Manager near Denver, Colorado.

 “Have the owners attend class with the branch managers of branch stores.”
               ~Current Branch Manager at Johnstone Supply Annual Conference.

“I am looking forward to implementing most of what I learned today!”
              ~Current Branch Manager near Santa Anna, California.

 “I wish I could spend more time taking this class.  I have learned a lot.”
                ~Prospective Branch Manager near Los Angeles, California.

 “Very worthwhile, pointed out a lot of things I should work on.  Instructors were very knowledgeable, interesting, and well prepared.”
                 ~Current Branch Manager near Lansing, Michigan.


“Excellent! Made information interesting, fun, and memorable.”
                 ~ Current Branch Manager near Lansing Michigan.

 “Very good course for anyone at any management level.”
              ~ Distributor Executive near Lansing, Michigan.

 “First “real world” meeting I have been at with consulting type people.”
              ~ Distributor Executive near Chicago, Illinois. 

 “I feel that a good part of what I learned today will help me greatly.”
              ~ Prospective Branch Manager near Chicago, Illinois.

“Class has made me think about my position from a different perspective. Instructors made the class enjoyable.”
                ~ Current Branch Manager near Chicago, Illinois.

 “I found the information on delegating and prioritizing very helpful.”
                ~ Distributor Executive near Chicago, Illinois.

 “Very well organized, it was very well related and seen through my eyes from the branch experience and not management side of corporate. Instructors were extremely professional."
                ~ Current Branch Manager near Sacramento, California.

“The class will help me to be a better supervisor.  Instructors were great!”
~ Current Branch Manager near Sacramento, California.
Conference Presentations and Workshops Comments
AssetWorks Conference - Class Attendee Comments

​"We are currently implementing the Inventory Management portion of AiM and you have no idea how useful Dan's info was!!"

"Very Informative! I will recommend to our Warehouse Supervisor."

 ​"Dan's information was very good and he is a good presenter." work results customer testimonials