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Training & Education

How we work and training

“We have had a very good experience with Beltech’s Store Manager training seminar, which was developed for the ARWI.  The materials were timely, professionally presented and well received by the store managers and owners in attendance.”                 

President, ARWI, Chicago, Illinois.

**Best Practices Workshops in our Areas of Focus.**

Inventory Control

Traditonal and State of the Art Results

"Dan, the inventory accuracy has gone from the low 80’s to slightly over 96% and is climbing with each cycle. The in-house order tracking ability has made our Inventory Control lives easier than we could have imagined.  Plus the amount of shipping errors has dropped off considerably from our Pre-WMS days." 

Inventory Control Manager, Techni-Tool, Worcester, PA.

**Best Practices in Inventory Control and Inventory Management.**

Bar-Code Technology

Barcode Labeling

"Dan, I have begun inputting bar-codes into the software via the laptop, and will now begin using the mobile scanner. Thanks again for helping me get the system up and running!" 

Director of Lighting, Cirque du Soleil-KOOZA, Las Vegas, NV.

**Bar-Code Hardware, Labeling, Warehouse Setup. We can guide you by phone or on-site. Or we can do the work on-site; from start to finish.**

ERP Software Systems

Inventory Control and Management

 "Dan Belanger and the Beltech Group, were instrumental in assisting us in our recently completed software conversion to the Prophet 21 Commerce Center Wholesale Distribution Software System."         

CFO/Treasurer, Adel Wholesalers, Bettendorf, IA.

**Software Selection, Contract Negotiations, Implemetation Planning and Deployment.**

Warehouse Space Utilization

Warehouse Space Optimization

  "We were able to increase our warehouse storage capabilities by 50% without any additional investment in buildings or racking."

President, Roberts Supply, Winter Park Florida.

**New Layouts, Space Utilization, People and Product Flow. Innovative Ideas.**

Seminars & Workshops

Training and Education

 “Very good course for anyone at any management level.”

Distributor Executive near Lansing, Michigan.

**Branch Manager Training. The Essential Elements for Upper Quartile Performance.**


Presentations & Speaking

Association Presentations and Seminars

  ​"Dan's information was very good and he is a good presenter." 

AssetWorks Conference.

**Association Presentations and Seminars.**

People Productivity

People Productivity

"The greatest detriment to effective productivity is fragmented focus."

**People Productivity.**

Profit Considerations

Experts in Profit and Making Money

"If you're losing a penny a transaction you're not gonna make it up in volume." We know that profit may not be the same to all people.

**Methods to Keep Profit Alive.**

No Boundaries - Only Opportunities.

We've worked with over 1,000 Distribution Centers, Warehouses and with over 400 Distributors, Supply Houses, Retail Businesses, Contractors, and Universities. Dan Belanger is an experienced and engaging Speaker.