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Meet Dan Belanger our President

 Meet Dan Belanger our President

Warehousing Expert | Inventory Guru | Technology Master | Problem Solver | Speaker

Greetings! I'm Dan Belanger and welcome to our site. We love to transfer our experience and knowledge.

We believe it's all about you. Please look around and know that while we are experts in technology that we remain a people focused company. Working with Universities, Distributors, Contractors, and providing Workshops and Learning Events, our customer base is not limited by demographic, geography, or business niche. We know no boundaries.

My experience spans many years as a successful business owner working with an deploying over 50 software platforms. I've designed Bar-Code Technology Software modules for several ERP Software companies. I've worked with over 400 businesses and over 1,000 warehouses and distribution centers. I'm experienced in all demographics including Universities, State Government, Distributors, Light Manufacturers, Contractors, Supply Houses, and Retail Businesses.

I've spent time in the Automotive and Avionics sectors, Manufacturing industries, in University and Government Facilities Management, in Distribution and Retail, Supply Houses, and the Information Technology sector. I work with companies in resolving troublesome issues and bringing them to the next level. I'm known for my skills in bringing innovation to the customers we serve.

I'm known for my epertise in Inventory Management and Inventory 

Control methodolgies, Warehouse Space Management, Bar-Code Technology, along with relavent and Unique  Business Management.

If you can't seem to get it done; I will.

Skill Sets

Warehouse Space Optimization, Consumable and Fixed Inventory Control, Inventory Management, Bar-Code, QR, and RFID technology, Human Resource Training and Performance Allocation, Project Management, Customer Service, and ERP Business Software. I am personable and highly effective. I provide Association Meeting Presentations and Seminars.


I've worked with over 50 software systems and am considered an expert in software selection, contract negotiation, training, and implementation. I've implemented 30 different software platforms. Planned and managed the implementation, trained end users, managed database conversions from legacy systems to ERP, WMS, and RF environments. Designed quality checkpoints. Acted as an interim Information Systems Manager.

I Understand and I get it - Spending time at the senior management level and in field implementations, has enabled me to enjoy a clear understanding of the complexities and expectations from the client's perspective, along with the challenges that an organizations experiences with any change. 

It's not just the technology - it's the marriage of technology and people. People are the most important factor. Managing comfortable and successful change and bridging the gap between technology and the human side of a business are what I do best.

Inventory Control and Management

Inventory Control and Management