Everything Inventory - Consumable and Fixed Assets.

Retail Stores


You can't sell product if it's not there. You need to know what you have, how many you have, where they are, and what condition they are in. These are the essential information points for the resupply process. Using our knowledge base we ensure that will not happen to you.

Government Facilities


An inventory supply of product required to maintain lighting and other areas of city, county, and state buildings is essential to keeping things going.

University Facilities


When a lockset on a dorm room is not working, you need to have quick access to the correct replacement parts and know where they are. We will organize your supply warehouses and operating procedures to ensure your are able to manage an effective inventory with an economical investment.



When on he job, having to purchase product because you thought your had the product but is wat not there is very costly. We organize the service vehicle and using technology, inventory management techniques,  and bin location assignments, present the service vehicle as a mobile warehouse.

Supply Houses


Knowing where things are is important while the customer is waiting at the counter or the delivery truck waits to be loded with customer product. We organize the warehouse and make product visibile using barcoding, inventory control techniques, and bin location assignments.



Often the warehouse is full and the distributor looks to a larger warehouse. We help by optimizing current warehouse space  returning a 20-50% increase in space with no purchase of new racking. We will organize your inventory into a manageable and compact footprint.


We serve a vast market. Inventory, Warehousing, Barcoding, ERP Software, Process Optimization. All you need do is ask.

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